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Mind that background color may vary. Lots of online screenshot builders provide such design, so this sort of layout is quite popular on the app store. This style can be used for all store categories. This screenshots type gained popularity among cooking and photo editing app categories.

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Free versions of online screenshot builders can help you with the creation of such screenshots. This style is particularly popular among cooking and photo editing apps. A set of screenshots in such style normally represents a tutorial on using the app. Once you decided to apply such style to your screenshots, make sure all instructions are concise and laconic. Pick features you want to deconstruct carefully. Remember that your instructions are to be as laconic as possible.

Use this style solely if your app requires a user to interact with their device in a new and unusual way. This type presupposes that each screenshot is the beginning of the next one. Indeed, when you do it right, this style can be really engaging and eye-catching. Visuals used in such screenshots are not part of an app as a rule.

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The first screenshot usually conveys a principal message of your app. Such an approach can help your app stand in the crowd of categories crowded with screenshots depicting mobile devices. No screenshot builder will help you with this style, you have to think over all details before getting down to design itself. Charge your in-house or freelance designer with this task.

iPhone App Store Screenshot Rules |

Once done right, any app product page can benefit from it. This style helps app store visitors to see your app in a real-life setting. Yet, there are lots of cases when photo-like surrounding steals the scene from your app. Be careful using this screenshots type. Try to integrate photo smoothly into your screenshot.

If a professional designer is available to you, there are no restrictions concerning this app store screenshots style. As it comes from the title, this style presupposes combination of two or more screenshot types. You can experiment with various layouts. Play around different screenshots styles and find out which variants resonate with your audience.

Localization is to happen beyond the text. As a result, the English version of screenshots differs dramatically from the Chinese one. It turned out that multicolored background works way better than a monochrome one on the Asian market. Devil is in details when it comes to localization.

How to Make Great App Store Screenshots

With the iTunes Connect screenshot update on August 8th, , you can now use one set of screenshots for all available devices and screenshots. This works nicely, however it requires you to own a physical device for each screen size. Okay, back to what you can actually do today : Below are the results of nice screenshots, which were all generated completely automatically.

On the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 the font size is exactly the same. The iPhone 6 Plus, again, has a 3x display which is why the text appears larger. Since the above screenshot collection looks a bit messy I decided to automatically resize the screenshots in the following examples.

App Store (iPhone + iPad) and Google Play Screenshot Sizes Guidelines [12222 Update]

Instead of leaving all screenshots they now appear properly aligned next to each other. Landscape screenshots of MindNode: The iPhone 6 Plus shows a split screen when the app is in landscape mode. The smaller screen sizes show the list only. The users can see how the app looks like on their device before even installing the app. Another interesting detail: Take a look at the lock button on the different devices, on the 2 screenshots on the top the lock button is on the top of the iPhone, while the lock button is on the right side on the latest generation.

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Generating this amount of screenshots takes hours, even when it is completely automated. Instead of working while the screenshots are generated, you can also take a nap or tweet about fastlane. All MindNode screenshots shown above are created completely automatically using 2 steps:.

Using snapshot you can take localized screenshots on all device types completely automatic. All you have to do is provide a JavaScript UI Automation file to tell snapshot how to navigate in your app and where to take the screenshots. Snip can detect opened window automatically. Move your mouse on the target window to highlight it and simple click to capture.

Of course you can also capture custom region manually. Add tags rectangle, ellipse and arrow and annotates and draw with handwriting brushes. You can change the position, size and color. Make sure you have linked your QQ Mail account in "Preference". Capture the screen and select the Share icon. Note: This function is not available on the version that downloaded from Mac App Store.

Please download the latest version from the official website of Snip. Select the desired area, hold Option, and double-click the selected area or click "Done".

The captured image will be saved to your device. You can do the same to save the captured image to clipboard when it is set to saved to your device by default. Please check whether you are using OS If yes, right-click on the Snip instalation package and select "Open" to install. Go to Preference, place the cursor into the input box of shortcut and press keys desired.

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