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Metodo 2. Passa alla visualizzazione "Layout di Stampa". Per farlo accedi al menu "Visualizza" e seleziona la voce "Layout di Stampa". Inserisci la nota.

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If you need an Office product even if only for the occasional Word document you have several options which include: Use Office Starter if available or buy one of the full Microsoft Office suites or install a free MS Office compatible program like the excellent LibreOffice see my review here — a free office suite that includes Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Presentation programs that can read and write documents used by MS Office.

Whilst LibreOffice is far superior to Office Starter in terms of features, it does have a learning curve — if you use MS Office at work and have Starter pre-installed on your new computer then you may as well consider giving it a try. Work your way down the differences of Starter below — if you come across a deal breaker then either opt for a better alternative like LibreOffice or buy MS Office. But if you reach the end of the list then Office Starter most likely meets your needs i. However, one lesser known feature of Office Starter is that you can create a portable copy of it. When you unplug the flash drive, Starter is removed from that computer.

I had to go online to "deactivate" one of the installations. I ran into a similar situation when I tried to install Office University on a second notebook i. No doubt this is how you can "use" MS Office free of cost for "some" time, but they are not "free versions". It does not make any sense to install a software for the sole purpose of using it for a free trial period, and then happily uninstall it and forget about it! This article is more like a promotion for the trial versions for Microsoft products.

If finally you have to buy the product, what's the great idea in a trial version? Out of the six suggestions, only the web apps are truly free applications, but highly handicapped and restricted in features. So frankly speaking, we can not use Microsoft Office without paying Bill Gates his due share of dollars!

How To Create a Portable USB Version of Microsoft Office Starter 2010

You can go to your local library. Most libraries now have a computer area and will have MS Office loaded on them for their patrons to use. You can do your work and then save to a disk or flash drive.

[Working]* Microsoft Office 2010 FREE Product Key List : Activation License Key

All you need is a library card which you can get for free. My wife didn't know anything about it although I remember her bringing a paper home a few years ago but had a current Office lic. She couldn't be bothered to ask her IT or HR. You can click the link "Don't know your program code. Just get them to forward it to you and you can install it on your home machine easily after that. I've tried every vesion of open office and PowerPoint presentations just don't come through correctly the layout always needs adjsuting. I'm sharing this with my teenagers. The online version will give them something to work with.

Thanks for sharing this info. I have a nexus 10 tablet and Nexus 5 smartphone. I tried to find Office Mobile in Google play - no luck. I looked for this application in my Win 7 based PC running Chrome. Any solution? Of course this article which, by the way, thank you for it attracted all the "such and such is just as good" quips, as is to be expected, even though the author started with "Sure, Office alternatives exist Those other two top alternatives have been my staunchly reliable allies and go-to suites for more than a decade.

And the current versions of their word processors do indeed render. Anyway, I just want to add that the reason I hate the MS Office trials is that they are incredibly huge resource hogs, not at all worth the day or day period for the Sasquatch footprint they put on your machine--even for a couple of days and even with today's tremendous-capacity drives and memory. But these options might indeed come in handy for the unenlightened. Here we go. MS lost most everyone I work with when they changed from a recognized interface to the blankity ribbon where all your commands are there somewhere but good luck finding them.

Open Office was ok until out went to Apache. Libre Office works great and is fully compatible with anything I've ruin across. Plus it works on multiple platforms. So when you move to any Linux distro because MS thinks everyone has a touch screen tablet and wouldn't miss a real desktop what changes on your office suite? I'll stop here because of I start in on everything wrong with Outlook I'll prickly get lynched.

Haven't used it in years. Thunderbird rules email.

Ok all of you that disagree with me. I'm done so open fire!!! I believe its written in Java which some people say makes it better, and all the usual Microsoft keyboard shortcuts work. Their web-based offering has more functionality than the somewhat crippled online Microsoft Office.

Download Microsoft Office Starter 2010 for Windows

Dare I say it, but the Thinkfree web-based version is so good, I didn't go for their excellent download. That way we can get used it at home and spend less time learning new software at work. What about people that want to use Outlook as their email program is there a free way round that?

Other than the ways mentioned in the article there is no 'free' way of getting the Outlook program. You can sign up for Outlook. We collaborate on spreadsheets, presentations and documents, and I edit photos, schematic diagrams, videos, and promotional material.

If I have to check to see whether my document conforms to "the standard Microsoft ", I load it into Office Better yet, I save it as a PDF. It also opens your old docs - usually better than MSOffice does. Had to switch to Linux when I could not upgrade from Windows 8 to 8. Loaded Libre Office and never looked back. I can do anything I need to with a file and still get it into MS format to share. Libre Office is fine.


Getting started with Office Starter - Office Support

The OpenOffice versions are very good as well. Key thing is always to remember to save your document in an MS Office format rather than the native or proprietary format and you should have great interchangeability with other folks. In my experience students plus staff most word processor users use less than 10 percent of the "features" on the software.

The MS Office "suite" is a mountain of code most people will never use. If someone sends you a. DOCX tell them to resend it in a format that is universally readable, like a. Over the years MS Office, much like Windows itself, has become monumental bloatware with many added widgets that no-one wants or needs.

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MS would have you believe that you can write a novel, a newspaper or a film script on Word - but nobody with any sense does that, they use specialist software designed for the job. Take a look at the code size of Word compared to any other standalone free word processor. Better still, put a page of text in to both programs - the Word file will be much bigger than the Open Office or other free version.

Next time you send out a. DOCX, check out all the metadata sent with it - date stamped, time stamped, who was logged in, when you last changed your printer ink, which hand you use on the mouse What software do people use for novel writing that publishers will accept as compatible and that sites like Smashwords will be able to convert to their publishing requirements. I would appreciate any links or knowledge you would care to share.

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There is no such thing as a free trial, you are just locking up your data, and Microsoft still own the key. I will however suggest OpenOffice, now that it is supported by Apache and out of the hand of evil! Yes you read correctly! In particular, some cell phone carrier employees can enter their email and it allows them to purchase it from Microsoft. Now thats close to being free! I have been using the Kingsoft Free office suite and have found it to be very 'MSlike'.

It reads and writes in ms formats.

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For the majority of users who do not have to share documents with other users, LibraOffice will more than fill their needs! Too many people transmit. PDF file, which is only what the recipient usually needs. LibraOffice will produce the PDF with a one button click. That feature is a standard part of the application.