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Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday granted Apple two patents related to the operation of a digital camera, one which helps speed up auto-focus time based on object recognition and another for dynamic exposure metering. Apple on Tuesday was granted a U. I just finished installing OS X The installed via a copy of the installer I had on my thumb-drive. It took 80 minutes. The first thing that happens after booting is a notice to install Java 6 and Flash since they are not part of the After that you are good to go.

Personal OS X I am running this version and have not had any problems. Your mileage may vary. Apple's streaming video box gets one of the most-requested streaming video services. The new app also comes on the heels of the new AirPlay mirroring functionality.

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Even though Apple's Pages app is a pretty solid word processing tool, a lot of Mac users still love to use Microsoft Word. If you're one of them, that's cool, we won't judge you. The biggest problem with using Word on a new MacBook Pro with Retina display is that it looks pretty ugly because it hasn't been updated to take advantage of the Retina display yet.

The great news for Word fans is there's a really easy work around that will force your Microsoft Word app to use your MacBook Pro's Retina display. We tried to like this new one, but wow was it not the same.

Luckily, Mountain Lion has brought Save As… back, only in a sneaky, less than obvious way. Redditor GrandHarbler is a musician and music teacher. He took to the popular social news sharing site today to start a conversation about how the iPad has improved his own practice, teaching, and music learning workflow. It's okay; I'll wait till you get back Got it?

Now let's talk about why you're about to be overjoyed. Time Machine is the backup system Apple built into OS X for the Mac, but has always felt a little limited -- especially since it has always supported backing up your important files to only a sigle location. OS X uses a framework called launchd for starting, stopping and managing daemons, applications, processes, and scripts. You can use launchd to schedule any task you want to run at specific times or intervals. Nathan Grigg has posted a simple, clear tutorial, Schedule jobs using launchd which gives an introduction into how this process works, and how you can use it to schedule repeated tasks on your Mac.

Another place to look is this tutorial on the Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes web site. Doug presents launchd as a way of running his Update Expired Podcasts script at regular intervals. AirPlay Mirroring makes it easy to give presentations, watch Flash videos Hulu, anyone?

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The Sharing services in OS X allow for a number of connectivity options, including screen sharing, file sharing, printer sharing, and the capability to use your computer as an Internet router. In past versions of OS X, Apple has also included a full Web sharing service using the open-source Apache server that allows you to host Web pages on your computer, but this option has been removed from the system preferences in Mountain Lion. As the high-stakes patent trial between Apple and Samsung Electronics moves into its second day Tuesday, one thing is clear: Apple is committed to waging total war.

Like the Roman Empire in its victory over Carthage, Apple seems determined to salt the earth so that its competitor can never rise again. Perfect speech recognition is one of the Holy Grails of computing -- shouldn't our computers be able to transcribe exactly what we say, complete with proper spelling and punctuation, as has been the case in science fiction for many years?

In fact, speech recognition software is nothing new in computing. Windows users have long taken advantage of the excellent Dragon Naturally Speaking from Nuance.

On the Mac, this software has gotten good enough only in the past couple of years, since MacSpeech licensed the Naturally Speaking engine and was subsequently acquired by Nuance, after which the MacSpeech app was renamed to Dragon Dictate. Last week, developer Marco Arment kicked off a fresh round of Mac App Store debate when he claimed that the store was headed toward a future of irrelevance.

Here's a look at why developers are concerned about the Mac App Store, and what this all means for Mac users. Deducer provides a GUI for the open-source statistical package R that encourages less-technical users to learn and perform analyses in the R environment without writing code. It uses menus and dialogs for data manipulation and analysis to increase the efficiency of expert R users when performing common tasks by replacing lines of programming codes with a few points and clicks.

Deducer also allows you to build plots using the ggplot2 framework via its GUI plot builder, providing a large selection of graph types and elegant data visualization. Deducer is designed to be used with JGR, though it supports a number of other R environments. Installation of Deducer is much like any other package in R.

Briefly, open R and enter the following:. The JGR console should now be open. Deducer documentation can be found here. Tom and Jill are going uphill, version 2. The high quality voices, first introduced in OS X Lion as optional downloads, now have updates available through Software Update. With Lion Server and now Mountain Lion Server, the software has followed the hardware in becoming cheaper and simpler, and in shifting its focus from large businesses to small ones.

As the product has gotten cheaper and within reach of regular people, the tools used to administer it have become correspondingly less complex, both in terms of how difficult they are to use and in how powerful they are. Beyond sharing your Mac's screen for demonstrations, AirPlay Mirroring can be useful in several other scenarios: giving presentations no VGA adapter needed , streaming the iTunes visualizer during a party, watching TV shows via Hulu, playing Diablo III on your huge flat screen Well, you get the idea. Critics of Apple's new Genius Bar ads declare that they make Apple users look "inept and foolish.

One of the coolest parts of digital photography is being able to use software to make your photos better than you could ever had imagined.

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I'm not just talking about fixing exposures or adding special effects--both of those things are very cool--I'm talking about things like HDR photography. HDR High Dynamic Range is entails taking several images one correctly exposed and several over and under exposed and combining them into a new image that make the picture much more like how we see the world. The update follows a similar patch released yesterday for the MacBook Air. Learn about using Safari 6 in Mountain Lion, as well as ways to personalize your browsing experience.

Lotus Notes 8. IBM has been working with Apple for several months in an effort to address these issues, but unfortunately there was no simple path to resolution prior to Apple's release. Apple's first Black Hat presentation was one of the most highly anticipated talks at this year's infosec gathering in Las Vegas, but many delegates were left feeling more than a little short-changed. I find myself straddling a line with my photography.

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One foot sits on the side where I don't need anything advanced; the other foot enjoys taking photographs of sporting and musical events that require decent cameras and fast lenses. Today I'm going to share with you how Apple products have completely taken over my work flow -- GigaOM. If you consider that ten extremely detailed applications were published on this one project alone today, I'd have to say that it's likely a priority project. While it would take days to comb through these applications to list all of the coming features, our report focuses on just a few of them including a new annotation toolbar.

At the end of the day, it was quite the surprise to find these patent gems and for students and professionals who need to use annotation tools, this is going to be a huge leap forward for the iPad. It's the kind of tool that will help the iPad push further into the enterprise and beyond.

Apple has been toying with a heads-up display or video glasses since and they've already been granted a patent for their invention.

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  5. OS X Mountain Lion To Hit Mac App Store On July 19 [Rumor] | Cult of Mac.
  6. Then earlier this month Apple's video glasses project won a surprising second patent which we covered in our report titled "Apple's Special Project for a Video Telephonic Headset Wins a Second Patent. While today's patent fills a need in Apple's video glasses project it has to be one of the driest reads of the year.

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    For those interested in the finer details of this invention, check out Apple's latest patent application titled "Display Resolution Increase with Mechanical Actuation. Researchers have unearthed new malware that turns a Mac into a remote spying platform that is able to intercept e-mail and instant-message communications. The malware uses internal microphones and cameras to spy on people in the vicinity of the OS X machine.

    One month ago when we examined Apple's Podcasts application for iOS, we felt it wasn't fully baked. We did like the freedom from downloading that Podcasts' robust streaming feature provides. We also liked the simple access to podcasts downloaded through iTunes on the computer. But overall, the app just did not impress. And we're not the only ones who felt that way.

    But for Podcasts, this is very different: there are more than twice as many people awarding one star as there are giving out five stars. Whenever Apple moves to purchase a company, you know they've got something up their sleeves, and it's not hard to imagine the possibilities of their latest acquisition: maker of fingerprint sensor chips, AuthenTec. Our Mountain Lion Megasode is here, and on this minty-new CultCast, we'll tell you what we like, what we love, and which hidden features we've discovered in Apple's new big kitty.

    Plus, should you upgrade or do a clean install of Mountain Lion? We ponder that very question, then tell you when a clean install makes more sense and how to do it the right way on this all-new megasode. In the new version of Safari, sharing links has been completely revamped.

    There's even a new way to send Reader-formatted content! For the skinny on how best to handle these changes, come on in and read this tip from Melissa Holt. Here's the procedure I used, with notes and observations.

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    Setting up Sharing on your Mac is easy, too, and only takes a few steps. You no longer need to right-click and display a dialog to be able to edit the name of a bookmark in Safari' 6's Bookmarks Bar. Just click and hold the bookmark; the name will become highlighted and you will be able to rename it in the Bookmarks Bar. Apple also released OS X Server 2. With any new OS revision, the community's general tendency is often "upgrade first, ask questions about compatibility later.

    In a post on the Office for Mac blog , Microsoft's Mac Office team announced that the version of their software now sports full compatibility with the latest version of Apple's operating system, OS X Mountain Lion. The post walks users through the update process necessary to ensure full compatibility between Office and the new OS. Microsoft's team also pointed out that Mountain Lion also supports Office for Mac Users looking to update their software will first have to enable Office for Mac's AutoUpdate feature.